Top Security Features You Need In a VDR

A process of globalization and a constant development of internet technologies help to run any kind of a business online. A lot of professional online business platforms can help to find business partners or investors, to provide or receive different services, even higher class deals, like mergers and acquisitions, real estate deals or companies re-structuring are made online today easily. Virtual data room is a great tool of nowadays, which helps to run a business more efficiently, saving time and money resources. However, using VDR for such kind of deals requires very sufficient guarantees on security questions. All the information and documents are confidential, any data leakage can lead to a deal fail, spoil a company or a brand image. Security features are the most essential attribute your VDR vendor should offer. iDeals Virtual Data Room is a trustworthy and powerful platform, providing premium-class data room services in a highly secure environment. Used by more than 4000 companies worldwide, the service offers a real business space, filled with all required tools and options for a proper business management and deals fulfillment. iDeals VDR key success factor is in a military level of information security. The company is certified by several independent authorities (ISO270001, Open Web Application Security Project, British Standards Institute, etc) and proved its reliability. Our security features are developed by highly professional experts. Ideals has its own powerful R&D center, so our systems are constantly upgrading with technological innovations.

Which features can secure your data and prevent any risk on data leakage?

iDeals offers following unique security features:

–         Dynamic watermarks, appearing on the document with all the unique data of documents source and usage

–         Multi-virus protection (5 anti-virus programs block harmful programs)

–         Restricted viewing mode of documents

–         Information encryption

–         8-levels document permission policy

–         Secure spreadsheet viewer for Excel documents

–         Highly protected system of access security (password and sms code access system, users access and usage rights, based on the role, IP access and time limitations, etc).

–         A high level of security for mobile devices

Apart from a military level of data security, iDeals VDRs are offering a set of very useful tools on project management. Via using our cloud service you can organize a very personalized business space. A very user-friendly interface helps to manage your project easily: arrange groups of members, sort data, set special rights policy for different parties. Moreover, we offer a very useful set of analytical tools, to help you make the right conclusion on how the project is going, check the most viewing documents, check members activity and etc. All these options are combined with very easy to use program, you don`t need even to upload additional plug-ins. iDeals platform works with all browsers. But in any case if you face any problems or difficulty while using our Virtual data Room, a high-skilled team of client service will provide you with 24/7 online support.

Looking for a really secure VDR with premium services? Try a free temporary usage of our VDR to make sure iDeals is the best choice for you.