Top Bone Conduction Headphones 2018


Through this technology sound is transmitted in the form of vibrations through cheek bones or jaw bones. Sound waves bypass the outer and middle ear and reaches inner ear directly. This technology is helpful for those who are suffering from conductive hearing loss. It works like hearing aid for them. Bone conduction headphones are sketched in such a way that they do not cover your ears, leaving your ears free to hear the surrounding noises.

If you want to make your daily work out more enjoyable, entertaining and amusing, you can use bone conduction headphones, as they do not fall off. You can also wear them while jogging, running, resting, travelling and while swimming as well. Moreover, they are handy and user-friendly so you can carry them wherever you want.

Top bone conduction headphones 2018 are listed below:

  1. Phaiser BHS-530
  2. Mpow Cheetah
  3. AfterShokz Sportz
  1. PHAISER BHS-530:

Price:  $26.99
Runners can’t use earphones as they are irritating and can slip off while pounding the pavement or when you’re sweaty. The Phaiser BHS-530 does not fall or slip, it will remain wrapped around your head whether you’re running, jogging, exercising or working out.


  • If you’re running in hot weather then earphones can be annoying for you as they can slip off due to sweat. However, you can use these headphones as they are not spoiled due to sweat because of their water-resistant non coating feature.
  • It has stable wireless Bluetooth connection, just by pressing one button you can make and take calls conveniently.
  • It has 11 hour battery life so you can play all day from morning to evening.
  • You can connect it to you iphone, TV, laptop, tablet or any other Bluetooth device.


  • The audio quality is not good, it lacks clarity
  • They may feel tight and hard around your head.

Price:  $22.99
Athletes know the importance of these headsets. They can enjoy high-grade and superlative audio quality while jogging. They enjoy running by listening to their favorite music without any fear of headset slipping off.


  • The ultra modern behind-the-ear design makes it fit behind the head perfectly.
  • You can easily attend a call without pausing music.
  • You can relish Hi-fi quality audio and stereo music.
  • It is inexpensive and highly reasonable.
  • These headphones can roll up automatically to fit into your pockets and bags easily
  • It has universal bluetooth compatibility, compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • The battery life can be degraded over time.
  • Charging may take longer time.
  1. AfterShokz Sportz:

Price: $58.94
These headphones are significant for sports, they   are light weight and comfortable. They are designed in such way that user while listening to music can still be a part of the happenings around him. You can enjoy high quality music in moderate amount.


  • These headphones leave your ears free so you don’t have to worry about aching ears anymore.
  • They repel sweat and moisture.
  • You can enjoy your favorite playlist all day long as the battery life is about 12 hours.


  • They can be too small for large heads.
  • They may not build much bass.

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